How Often To Use A Body Scrub In A Week?


We often focus on taking care of facial skin and end up ignoring our bodies. 

ODEONs Face and Body Scrubs are a perfect solution for a quick and easy deep cleanse and exfoliation. 

Our range of nourishing body scrub help get rid of dry patches, rough skin and dead skin cells. The application of a body scrub not only deep cleanses your skin but also leaves it soft and smooth. 

Exfoliate your face & body skin twice a week and see your skin glow like never before. 

Exfoliating with our creamy scrubs is a great way to relax and pamper yourself without having to step out from your home. 

Experts often advise the use of a physical scrub two times a week as over-exfoliation may be too harsh for your gentle skin and over time can irritate your skin. 

What happens if you over-exfoliate? 

Over-exfoliation is likely to weaken the skin barrier leading to loss of hydration and inflammation, it can also cause break-outs. 

Hence it is essential to understand your skin type and its needs, this will help give your skin just the right amount of nourishment and care it needs. 

On the other hand, ignoring exfoliation completely will cause a build-up of dead and dry skin, it helps increase blood circulation, improve the texture of your skin and gets rid of any dirt or oil.

Flaunt fresh, glowing skin with ODEONs range of Face & Body Scrubs, made with natural ingredients our scrubs have natural ingredients and minuscule walnut shell particles that help exfoliate your skin from deep within. 

Here is a little skin care tip for you after exfoliation always moisturise your skin with ODEONs body lotions, this will help keep your skin hydrated along with a luscious glow.