Is Skin Care Part Of Your Self Care Routine?

We all need to take care of ourselves every now and then, be it through exercise on a daily basis to take care of our physical health or a skincare routine to get in some ME time during the week. 

 Developing a skincare regime is a great way to add in much needed ME time and it also helps nourish and revitalise your skin along with rejuvenating and relaxing your senses.

We live a rather busy life and taking out some time for ourselves will help create a work-life balance along with managing stress and supporting emotional and mental well-being. 

Here are a few tips on how you can turn your skincare routine into some much needed ME time. 

Create a Skin Care Regime 

It is of essence to take out a few hours a week for ourselves and make your skincare routine a part of your undisturbed ME time. 

Incorporate exfoliation as part of your skincare routine twice a week. Choose from ODEON’s range of Face & Body Scrubs to deep cleanse your skin and get rid of the layer of dead skin cells. 

Light a few scented candles, play your favourite music and give yourself at home spa using ODEON’s Face & Body Scrubs. 

Don’t Rush It 

Whether it is applying your everyday moisturiser or body wash, take your time! 

Do not rush the process, choose a body lotion or gel that will invigorate your senses and soothe your skin. 

ODEON brings to you a range of Body Lotions from various natural ingredients and their fragrances that will nourish your gentle skin and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. 

 Love Yourself A Little More 

Take out some time to accept your scars, stretch marks and tan lines. Make yourself comfortable with these beautiful scars.

Nourish and massage them using the gentle goodness of the ODEON Aloe Vera Body Gel. And we promise it will leave you feeling more comfortable and confident in your own skin  

So tell us will you be incorporating your favourites from ODEON as part of your skincare routine? 

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