ODEON’s Skincare Guide For Summers


1. Use a Face Wash Twice a Day 

In the summers your skin tends to become more oily making it essential to cleanse your face twice a day. 

Choose a gentle face wash that is suitable for your skin type. This will help get rid of the dirt and grime on your face. 

  1. Exfoliate Twice a Week 

Summers mean sweat, debris oil and lots of sunscreen. This leads to the clogging of pores. It is hence of essence to deep cleanse and exfoliate your skin from within. 

We recommend using ODEON’s range of Face & Body Scrubs available in various variants and sizes. 

  1. Moisturize & Soothe

Moisturizing during the summers may not seem as essential as it is in the winters, but it is an important part of your skincare routine. If you skip hydrating your skin you will notice that your skin will dry out leaving it looking dull. Hence we recommend using the ODEON Aloe Vera Body Gel which is extremely soothing and moisturizing. 

  1. Follow a Skincare Routine 

The humidity and heat tend to make your skin feel sticky which often leads to avoiding your daily skincare routine. A good skincare routine helps keep your skin healthy. 

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