The Non-Sticky Summer Moisturising Gel!


As Summer sets in, it's time to switch up your skincare routine. Heavy face creams and lotions tend to leave your skin feeling sticky. 

This summer, swap them with the ODEON Aloe Vera Body Gel! Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient that is known to be a boon to your skin. 

  1. Hydration

The ODEON Aloe Vera Body Gel soothes and moisturises your skin leaving it feeling hydrated without any greasy residue. 

In the summer months, there is an immense amount of sweating due to the sweltering heat which leads to a constant loss of water. The application of gel-based products helps instantly hydrate your skin and leaves it with a summer glow. 

  1. Calms Irritated Skin

During the summers our skin often tends to suffer from skin rashes and irritation. 

Aloe Vera as an ingredient has cooling and calming properties that soothes and calms down the skin. Making the ODEON Aloe Vera Body Gel a must-have for the summer.

  1. For All Skin Types 

Whether your skin type is sensitive, oily or even acne-prone, the ODEON Aloe Vera Body Gel is the perfect match for all skin types. The ODEON Aloe Vera Gel is gently formulated with natural ingredients 

  1. A Multi-Purpose Product 

The ODEON Aloe Vera Gel is truly a miracle product. 

  • It helps restore lost hydration
  • Provides nutrients to the skin
  • Cools and soothes the skin
  • Has anti-ageing properties 
  • Helps treat sunburn and stretch marks. 

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