What Is A Scrub?

A scrub is a cream-based skincare product that often has tiny exfoliating particles that help in the removal of dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling brighter and deep cleansing your pores. 

The process of using a scrub with grainy particles is known as mechanical/physical exfoliation. ODEON brings to you a range of gentle scrubs that will help cleanse your skin from deep within, decongest pores, revealing healthier glowing skin. 

Over a period of time, your skin tends to dull and lose its natural glow due to various factors such as oil build-up, dead skin cells and even stress. It is hence important to give your skin the much-needed love and care. ODEON has a range of scrubs with 100 percent natural exfoliants and high quality ingredients. 

Here is how to use a scrub:

Rinse your face & body with water, then take the required amount of the scrub in your hand and apply it to the face and body in circular motions. Gentle massage the scrub in circular motions for about a minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and pat dry your skin. Follow this up with a body lotion. 

However, it is important to understand that one can use a scrub only twice a week, as using a scrub multiple times can cause skin irritation.

After using our scrubs you will instantly notice your skin looks brighter and feels smoother. Indulge in the natural goodness of ODEON’s range of scrubs today and pick your favourite scrub based on your favourite ingredients to feel extra clean and confident in your real skin. Our range of ODEON scrubs are silicon-free, FDA approved, Vegan and can be used on all skin types. However, we recommend doing a patch test before using the products.