Why Do You Need A Body Lotion In The Winters?


As the temperatures drop your skin tends to look dehydrated, dry and a little dull. Under these conditions using a body lotion becomes an absolute necessity, we recommend switching up your skincare with products that have nourishing and deeply moisturising properties like the ODEON Intense Moisturising Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. 

Intensely moisturising lotions with hydrating ingredients restore the skin leaving it looking radiant, feeling soft and smooth.  

  1. Moisturises & Hydrates the skin 

During the winters it is essential to use a body lotion from head to toe that will retain the moisture levels of your skin and penetrate to the deeper layers as well. Using a body lotion during winters helps lock in the moisture and keep your skin feeling smooth and soft. 

    2.  Protects the Skin from Excessive Dryness

Often during the winter months, the skin develops dry and rough patches causing the urge to itch and peel off the skin. Adding a body lotion to your skincare routine will soothe irritate, dry skin and provide a sense of relief. 

  1. Soft, Smooth Skin

The best-kept secret to soft, smooth, luscious skin has to be using a body lotion on a daily basis. Moisturising and hydrating your skin will leave it feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and nourished. 

 Hence we recommend never skipping your body lotion (especially during the winter months) 

So this winter make sure your skin is hydrated and nourished with the best body lotions. 

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